Swimming is an aquatic sport based on the human act of swimming, that is, locomotion in water by self propulsion, usually with the goal to complete a given distance in the smallest amount of time.  Competitive swimming consists of four different strokes. The different strokes one can swim in a race are the butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle (or front crawl), and backstroke. When all four strokes are done during a race, it is called medley swimming (otherwise known as the individual medley, or I.M.).

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Kelowna 2019 55+ BC Games

Venue:  Mission Sport Hub – H2O Adventure Centre – map

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Kimberley/Cranbrook 55+ BC Games

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Zone Sport Coordinators

Your local Zone Sport Coordinator is a source of information about your sport in the 55+ BC Games. Please feel free to contact them to find out about local playdowns or other events leading up to the Games and to Register for the Games or you can reach us at info@55plusbcgames.org

Contact NameEmail/Phone
Zone 1Donna Tyrrell250-416-0503
Zone 2Barb Staton250-337-5228
Zone 3Alida Brichon 604-576-0781
Zone 4Marco Castro604.875.6052
Zone 5Irene Lindialind692@gmail.com
Zone 5Heather Jacksonheatherjandj@gmail.com
Zone 6June Johnston250.352-2373
Zone 7Kathryn Marsh250.354.8817
Zone 8Elizabeth Naylor 250-573-2818
Zone 9Terry Cramer 250-614-9522
Zone 10Andrea Anderson 250-624-9066
Zone 11David Mould 250-877-6182
Zone 12Robin O’Reilly 250-782-8796
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