Equestrian refers to the skill of riding, driving, or vaulting with horses in a competitive arena. The Equestrian competition consists of 1) Dressage where the rider attempts to demonstrate a high level of level of impulsion, collection, and obedience from the horse. 2) Driving is where the horse is driven as opposed to ridden, but still judged on manners, performance and quality 3) Trail comprises a judged where the horse and rider maneuver various obstacles intended to resemble situations on a trail or natural environment 4) Reining which is a western riding competition for horses where the riders guide the horses through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops.

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Kelowna 2019 55+ BC Games

Venue:  Mission Sport Hub – Kelowna Riding Club – map

Hotels near the Kelowna Riding Club – map

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Kimberley/Cranbrook 2018 55+ BC Games

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Your local Zone Sport Coordinator is a source of information about your sport in the 55+ BC Games. Please feel free to contact them to find out about local playdowns or other events leading up to the Games and to Register for the Games or you can reach us at info@55plusbcgames.org

Contact NameEmail/phone
Zone 1Frank Enns250-748-0566
Zone 2Carolyn Grant250-7585-6592
Zone 3Marilyn Connolly604-824- 0104
Zone 4Des Burke604.434.8033
Zone 5Janice Reid 250-765-9188
Zone 6Please contact the Zone Sport Coordinator
Zone 7Vivien Stathamvivstatham@hotmail.com
Zone 8Ellen Hockley250-577-3366
Zone 9Carolyn Dobbs250-998-4334
Zone 10Janet Munson250-638-1680
Zone 11Joe Smith250-697-6353
Zone 12Rosemary Phillips250-785-5344
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