Carpet Bowling

Carpet Bowling is a variant of Indoor Bowls. It is played particularly in the South of England, although it is played at League and County level in East Anglia, the Midlands and the North. The object is for each player in a singles game or each team in a pairs, triples or fours to gain as many shots as possible by getting their bowls nearer to the jack than their opponents, and so outscore them.

Rules & Technical Information
Kelowna 2019 55+ BC Games

Venue:  Parkinson Sport Hub – Parkinson Activity Centre – map

Hotels near the Parkinson Activity Centre – map

Sport Schedule (will be posted 1 week prior to event)

Kimberley/Cranbrook 2018 55+ BC Games

Carpet Bowling was not included in the Kimberley/Cranbrook 55+ BC Games.  It has historically been a popular sport at the Games.  Results from previous Games can be found by clicking the button below.

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Sport Partners
Zone Sport Coordinators

Your local Zone Sport Coordinator is a source of information about your sport in the 55+ BC Games. Please feel free to contact them to find out about local playdowns or other events leading up to the Games and to Register for the Games.

Contact NameEmail/Phone
Zone 1Cindy Shillito 250-748-1392
Zone 2Joyce Luecke 250-724-1473
Zone 3Please contact Sport Chair
Zone 4Pushpa Gounder778.855.5831
Zone 5Please contact the Director
Zone 6Please contact the Zone Sport Coordinator
Zone 7Bob Ewashen250.428.5088
Zone 8Sharon March 250-677-4234
Zone 9Rudy Wortman250-563-4711
Zone 10Ray Foster250-639-5370
Zone 11Bob Currie250-876-8927
Zone 12John Melnychuk 250-788-9249
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