Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles, who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by a net.  Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents’ half of the court. A rally ends once the shuttle cock has struck the ground, and each side may only strike the shuttlecock once before it passes over the net.

Rules & Technical Information
Kelowna 2019 55+ BC Games

Venue:  Mission Sport Hub – Okanagan Mission Secondary School – map

Hotels near Okanagan Mission Secondary School – map

Sport Schedule (will be posted 1 week prior to event)

Kimberley/Cranbrook 2018 55+ BC Games

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Badminton Results – Singles
Badminton Results – Team

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Zone Sport Coordinators

Your local Zone Sport Coordinator is a source of information about your sport in the 55+ BC Games. Please feel free to contact them to find out about local playdowns or other events leading up to the Games and to Register for the Games.

Contact NameEmail/Phone
Zone 1Mary-Jo Randall 250-886-0363
Zone 2Paul Jennings 250-923-6161
Zone 3Wendy Nagasaka 604-856-5222
Zone 4Rene Lebeuf 604.321.9909
Zone 4Nelson Ang 778-522-2599
Zone 5John Hong 250-498-9030
Zone 6Roger Kerby 250-354-4681
Zone 7Bob Ewashen250.428.5088
Zone 8Dorothy Telford 250-376-2427
Zone 9LizAnne Eyford250-992-2525
Zone 10Steven Weir250-624-3500
Zone11Joe Smith250-697-6353
Zone 12Annette Reeder 250-793-4394
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