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For Zone Directors & Sport Coordinators:

Based on the viaSport Return to Sport guidelines and modified for use by BC Seniors Games Society zones, please read

2020 BCSGS Return to the Games Guidelines – June 17, 2020 .

Required forms can be downloaded here:

2020 RTS Participant Agreement form 

2020 RTS Participant attendance tracking form

2020 RTS Screening checklist

As a multi-sport Games, the 55+ BC Games offers a number of choices for the participant.  Host Communities choose which sport they would like to host from an approved sport list of 32 sports.   This collection of sports represents the diverse interests of those 55 years of age and older.  Although some sports are more physically active than others, the benefits of friendly competition and striving for a personal best are a constant that all the sports share.

The 55+ BC Games works with provincial and local sport organizations to ensure that competition is of high quality and in keeping with Canada’s Sport for Life, Long Term Athlete Development Framework (LTAD) representing the “Active for Life” stage.  Modifications to play do exist in some sports to allow for greater participation for the older participant. In the Rules and Technical information on each sport page you can read about how our events are structured to ensure a positive sport experience.

Contact information for your local Zone Sport Coordinators is listed on each of the sport pages.  Participants must contact their Zone Sport Coordinator to register for the Games and to learn more about participation in the Games.

(Please note – Participants are only permitted to compete in one sport at the Games)

Registration for the Games begins in March and closes in June.  For some sports there are regional play-downs to qualify for competition.  Please contact your Zone Sport Coordinator for more information.  You can find their name on either the sport page or your zone information page.  You can also contact us at

Don’t see the sport you like to play listed?  We have a process for adding new sports.  For more information on how to add a sport download our Application for Adding a Sport.

We are happy to answer any questions on this process, please contact us at for more information

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