Am I eligible to play in the 55+ BC Games?

Am I eligible to play in the 55+ BC Games?

The following is an excerpt from the General Rules of the Society.  To view the complete Rules, they can be viewed on the downloads page here.

1. Eligibility

(a) The 55+ BC Games are open to all permanent residents of British Columbia who are
55 years of age or older by December 31st of the year of the Games. Participants
will fall into the age category as of December 31 of the year of the Games (with the
exception of Track and Field, which is the first day of the competition). “Permanent
Resident” is defined as a person who has a principal residence in BC. The
manager/coach of a team may be under 55, and from any zone, but must be
registered as a Non-Participant.
(b) Participants must be permanent residents of the Zone in which they are participating.
In Zones 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12, if unable to register enough players to complete a
team may obtain participants from any other Zone. A person wishing to compete for
another Zone may apply to the “player pool” or observe the following procedures.

1) Contact both Zone Directors
2) The non-resident Zone Director must be satisfied that no in-Zone
Participant would be displaced by the “transfer”
3) The resident Zone Director must be satisfied that the participant
does not have an opportunity to compete in their own Zone.

50% of the participants MUST be from the resident zone. Ice Hockey, SloPitch, and
Soccer must have eight players on the resident team.
If Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 are unable to register enough participants to complete a
team they may ask the Rules Chair to obtain participants from any other zone.
Participants without a place to compete for their resident zone may place their name
on a waiting list in the event another zone is looking for someone.
All zones may export, and all zones may import, just the procedure is different.
All cross zone participation must be approved by the Rules Chair or designate.
Refer to Policy and Procedures Page 17 (item 5) for complete details for Cross Zone
(c) Participants must have competed in Zone Playoffs in the category for which they are
registered in the 55+ BC Games, unless the Zone determines that a playoff is not
necessary in their particular sport.
COMPETE IN ANY SPORT. (All persons trying out for the Games at any level and
prior to Zone playoffs, eliminations, etc. must be members in good standing of the
BC Seniors Games Society.)
(e) Isolation Zones have been declared in four areas of the Province: Bella Bella
(Zone 2), Haida Gwaii (Zone 10), *Atlin and *Dease Lake (Zone 11), and Fort
Nelson (Zone 12).
*These communities have been given the option of transferring to the Yukon Seniors
Games Society.
Participants from Isolation Zones:

(1) are eligible to compete for their Isolation Zone rather than for their
geographical Zone;
(2) may advance directly to the Games from their Isolation Zone playoffs;
(3) can register as for a regular zone, but the number of their registered
Participants will not count against the eligible numbers for the geographical
(4) Five-Pin Bowlers from Isolation Zones must compete as part of overall Zone

Isolation Policy

(1) 55+ BC residents in some areas of the province have difficulty participating in
Zone Playoffs because of distance or transportation restrictions. These areas
have been given Isolation Status and will not represent any Zone in the Games
but will be eligible for medals.
(2) Participants will normally travel to the Games with the Zone in which their area
(3) Participants from an isolation status area must register for the Games through
the Zone in which they reside. The Zone will send the Membership Form;
Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption Risk Form; Registration
Form; Sport Form (if necessary) and Fees to the Host Society, but the form
must be marked “Isolation Status”.
(4) All Isolation Zones will be classified as Zone 13 for participation at the Games.
Where two or more communities are involved in hosting the Games, both or all
communities will be treated as a single unit for the purpose of this rule.
(5) Medals won count towards the Zone they live in.

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